The world’s most unique strawberry festivals

The world’s most unique strawberry festivals

1. Strawberry Festival, Bucharest, Romania — Held annually, this festival celebrates the arrival of spring and of course, the strawberry season. Visitors can indulge in a variety of strawberry-based dishes and drinks, enjoy live music, and participate in various activities.

2. La Fête de la Fraise et du Vin, France — The Strawberry and Wine Festival is held every year in May in the town of Nuits-Saint-Georges, France. The festival features the best strawberries in the region, along with wine tastings, a parade, concerts, and other fun activities.

3. Annual Strawberry Fest, Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA — Every June, this charming town in Wisconsin celebrates the strawberry season with delicious treats, music, and family activities. Visitors can also enjoy a classic car show and a strawberry shortcake-eating competition.

4. Strawberry Festival, Rome, Italy — Held in late May in the picturesque Piazza Navona, this festival brings together the best Italian strawberries, along with live music, street performers, and delicious food.

5. Strawberry Festival, Moulton, Alabama, USA — This festival, held annually in April, features a variety of strawberry-themed activities, including a beauty pageant, arts and crafts vendors, and a strawberry-eating contest.

6. Camarillo Strawberry Festival, California, USA — The largest strawberry festival in California, this event celebrates the region’s berry harvest with carnival rides, live music, and tons of strawberry treats.

7. National Strawberry Festival, Poland — Held every year in the town of Wierzba, this festival celebrates the start of the strawberry season with strawberry-themed desserts, live music, and other fun activities.

8. Strawberry Fair, Cambridge, England — This annual fair began in the 1970s and features live music, market stalls, food and drink vendors, and of course, an abundance of fresh strawberries.

9. Poteet Strawberry Festival, Texas, USA — Held every year on the second weekend of April, this festival celebrates the strawberry harvest with live music, a carnival, and endless strawberry treats.

10. Strawberry Fest, Belgium — Held in late June, this festival celebrates strawberries in all their forms, from strawberry jams and candies to strawberry beer. Visitors can also enjoy live music and games for all ages.

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