Tips for pruning and thinning strawberry plants

Tips for pruning and thinning strawberry plants

1. Prune in the early spring before new growth begins. Remove any dead or damaged leaves, stems, and runners.

2. Thin out the plants to allow adequate air flow and light penetration. Remove any overcrowded or weak plants, or those with yellow or wilted leaves.

3. Cut back the runners to prevent the plant from becoming too leggy. Removing the runners will also encourage the plant to put its energy into producing larger berries.

4. Remove any flowers that appear during the first year to allow the plant to focus on establishing strong roots and foliage.

5. For established plants, only remove up to a third of the foliage at a time to avoid stressing the plant.

6. Dispose of any diseased or infected plant material, as well as any debris or dead leaves around the plant to prevent the spread of disease.

7. Ensure that your pruning tools are clean and sharp to make clean cuts and prevent the spread of disease between plants.

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