How to properly pick a ripe strawberry

How to properly pick a ripe strawberry

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal experience, but I can provide these steps for picking a ripe strawberry:

1. Look for berries that have a bright red color all over, not just on one side. The tops should be a bright green color, and the flesh should be firm to the touch.

2. Check the size of the berry. Smaller strawberries tend to be sweeter and juicer than larger ones.

3. Gently lift up the leaves on the top of each berry to check for any signs of mold or damage. You want to avoid berries with soft spots or mold, as this indicates that the fruit is no longer fresh, and may not taste good.

4. Give the strawberry a light tug from the stem. If it comes off easily, it’s likely ripe. If the stem doesn’t come off easily, the berry may need a few more days to ripen.

5. Finally, use your nose to detect the sweet smell of a ripe strawberry. If it smells good, chances are it will taste good too!

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