Tools to make strawberry harvest easier

Tools to make strawberry harvest easier

1. Garden Scissors or Pruners: A sharp pair of garden scissors or pruning shears are essential for harvesting strawberries. They make it easy to cut the stem without damaging the fruit or the plant.

2. Berry Picking Tray: A berry picking tray is designed to hold berries while you harvest them from the plant. The tray is designed to prevent bruising and damage to the fruit, and it also allows you to keep your hands free.

3. Knee Pad: Harvesting strawberries can be hard on your knees, especially if you are picking them from the ground. A knee pad can provide cushioning and support for your knees, making the process more comfortable and less taxing.

4. Berry Picker: A berry picker is a hand-held tool that helps you pick strawberries without having to bend down. It has a set of metal prongs or claws that can grab the fruit and pull it off the stem.

5. Harvesting Apron: A harvesting apron is a convenient tool to carry with you while picking strawberries. It has pockets to hold your scissors or pruners, and it also keeps your clothes clean from the dirt and debris in the garden.

6. Wheelbarrow: A wheelbarrow is an essential tool for transporting your harvested strawberries from the garden to your home. It makes it easy to carry a large load of berries without having to make multiple trips.

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