Tips for selecting the best strawberries

Tips for selecting the best strawberries

1. Look for shiny and firm berries: Fresh strawberries should be shiny, bright, and firm to the touch. Avoid strawberries that are dull, soft, or mushy.

2. Check the color: Strawberries should be bright red with no green or yellow spots. If the tops of the strawberries are still green, it means they are not fully ripe.

3. Smell the berries: The best strawberries smell sweet and fragrant. If they have no smell, they likely won’t taste very good.

4. Check the size: Look for berries that are uniform in size. Smaller berries are sweeter than larger ones.

5. Check for mold: Watch for mold growth on the strawberries. If you spot any mold, steer clear of that package.

6. Don’t buy bruised strawberries: Avoid any strawberries that have bruises, dark spots or are damaged in any way. They are likely to rot quickly.

7. Buy strawberries in season: Strawberries are best in season, which is typically late spring or early summer. They are less likely to be shipped long distances and therefore may be fresher.

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