Heritage strawberry varieties

Heritage strawberry varieties

1. Alpine Strawberry: A small, intensely flavored fruit that is typically grown for its ornamental value.

2. Honeoye Strawberry: A large, firm berry with a sweet flavor that is great for fresh eating, freezing, and making preserves.

3. Jewel Strawberry: A medium-sized berry with a bright red color and a sweet, juicy flavor.

4. Earliglow Strawberry: A popular early-season variety known for its sweet flavor and high yields.

5. Seascape Strawberry: A relatively new variety that is disease-resistant and produces a large, juicy berry with a sweet flavor.

6. Chandler Strawberry: A late-season variety that is known for its large size, firm texture, and sweet flavor.

7. Mara des Bois Strawberry: A unique French variety that produces small, intensely flavored berries with a juicy texture.

8. Quinault Strawberry: A day-neutral variety that produces large, sweet berries throughout the growing season.

9. Ozark Beauty Strawberry: A highly productive variety that is resistant to common pests and diseases.

10. Tribute Strawberry: A sweet, juicy berry with a long harvest season and good disease resistance.

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