Popular strawberry cultivars

Popular strawberry cultivars

A few popular strawberry cultivars are:

1. Chandler: This is a large, firm, and sweet strawberry that’s perfect for fresh eating. It’s very popular among home gardeners and commercial growers alike.

2. Seascape: This is a everbearing variety, meaning it produces fruit throughout the season. It has a sweet, juicy flavor and is also disease-resistant.

3. Albion: This strawberry is known for its large size and juicy, sweet flavor. It produces fruit in the late spring to early summer.

4. Jewel: This is a mid-season cultivar that produces large, firm, and sweet berries. It’s also disease-resistant and easy to grow.

5. Honeoye: This is an early-season strawberry that’s known for its juicy, sweet flavor. It’s also disease-resistant and produces a large crop of berries.

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