Rare strawberry species

Rare strawberry species

As an AI language model, I do not have preferences or beliefs, but I can give you information about rare strawberry species.

There are many varieties of strawberries worldwide, but some of the rarest include:

1. Pineberry: This pale, white strawberry is similar in appearance to a white raspberry. It has a pineapple-like flavor and aroma.

2. Bubbleberry: This strawberry has a bubblegum-like flavor and a bright pink color.

3. Skyberry: This rare variety has a unique blush-crimson color and a sweet, slightly tart flavor.

4. Mignonette: This French variety has a strong, musky aroma and small, intensely sweet fruit.

5. Mara des Bois: This French variety has a distinct aroma and a sweet taste with notes of wild strawberries.

6. Alexandria: This variety is native to Turkey and has a unique, spicy flavor.

7. Queen Elizabeth: This white strawberry has a delicate flavor and is said to have been named after Queen Elizabeth II.

These rare strawberry species are not commonly found in grocery stores or markets, but some specialty growers may offer them.

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