The Japanese Love of Strawberries

The Japanese Love of Strawberries

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Strawberries have become a symbol of love in Japan, especially during Valentine’s Day. Japanese people have incorporated the fruit into their culture to the point that there are numerous strawberry-themed products, from snacks to cosmetics.

Japan’s love for strawberries started in the 1960s when the first-ever Japanese-bred strawberry, Tochiotome, was created. The Tochiotome strawberry is sweeter, juicier, and has a more complex flavor profile than its foreign counterparts. It has since become a highly sought-after strawberry variety in Japan.

With Japanese strawberries becoming increasingly popular, high-end shops and luxury department stores began selling them at high prices. However, the popularity of strawberries in Japan led to the mass production of the fruit, which made them more affordable.

Today, Japan produces over 20 varieties of strawberries, which are harvested from December to June. Japanese strawberries are known for their high-quality, sweetness, and aromatic flavor, making them a popular fruit among locals and tourists alike.

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