How to attract pollinators to your strawberry garden

How to attract pollinators to your strawberry garden

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal experience, but based on the knowledge available to me, here are some ways to attract pollinators to your strawberry garden:

1. Plant a diverse variety of flowering plants around your strawberry garden: By planting different flowering plants that bloom at different times, you can attract a variety of pollinators throughout the growing season.

2. Provide water sources: Adding a small bird bath or shallow container with water will provide a much-needed water source for your pollinators.

3. Avoid using pesticides: Pesticides can harm or kill pollinators, so try to avoid using them in your garden.

4. Choose the right time to plant: Plant your strawberries during periods when pollinators are most active. You can also plant certain types of plants that naturally attract pollinators.

5. Provide shelter: Create a shelter for your pollinators by placing a few small bricks or stones in a sunny spot. This provides a space for bees to rest in the sun and keep warm.

6. Use companion planting: Plant herbs like lavender, thyme or basil, which are known to attract pollinators.

7. Hang or place bee houses (also known as bee hotels) in your garden. This provides nesting sites for solitary bees and other pollinators.

By considering these tips, you can create an enticing environment for pollinators to visit your strawberry garden, ultimately leading to better yield, more flavorful and better-looking strawberries.

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