How to harvest and store your strawberries

How to harvest and store your strawberries


1. Start picking ripe strawberries as soon as they turn red: Once they’re red, they’re ready to be picked. Pick strawberries every two to three days.

2. Gently pull the strawberry: Gently grab the strawberry by the stem and pull it upward and away from the stem.

3. Don’t pick green or white strawberries: Wait until they are completely red.

4. Pick only dry strawberries: Wet strawberries can become moldy quickly, so be sure to pick when it’s dry outside.


1. Remove any damaged or moldy strawberries: Damaged and moldy strawberries will cause the rest to spoil.

2. Wash strawberries thoroughly: Rinse them in cool water just before you’re ready to use them.

3. Leave the stems on: This will help keep the strawberries fresh.

4. Store in a single layer in a container: Place them in a container that has a lid, then store in the refrigerator. You can also line the container with a paper towel to help absorb any excess moisture.

5. Don’t wash strawberries until you’re ready to use them: They’ll keep longer this way.

6. Eat or freeze strawberries within a week: Fresh strawberries will start to lose their flavor and texture after about a week. If you want them to last longer, consider freezing them.

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